Our Build Process

Our 40 Years of Construction Experience and Knowledge Keeps The Build Process Easy To Understand

Part of what sets us apart is our custom home build process. We break it down into four easy-to-follow steps to ensure that you will always have an idea of where we stand in your project. Our goal for your family is to enjoy the build process as much as possible since you can count on us that your luxury custom home or commercial build is in good hands. We are always accessible with on-site supervision available at every custom build. At any point, feel free to meet with us whenever you want to see your project. Have no doubt, we are also just a phone call, email, or text away from providing you with an update on your new luxury home.

"Mike Becknal & Company builds a relationship with you to during the build process to complete the custom home you have always wanted." - Lucas Dannheim


We will meet with you to walkthrough some of our previous custom home builds for ideas and inspiration.

Find the perfect lot

We will hunt to find a lot that suits your budget and desired custom build location.

Create a custom home design

We will sit down with the designer to finalize the layout of your new luxury custom built home.

Start construction

We will get to work and start building your new custom luxury home from the ground up.

Custom Build Process Timeline

Construction for a custom home that is about 3,000 square feet takes us approximately six to seven months from start to finish. A home build from 5,000 to 7,000 square feet takes us around 10 to 11 months to complete.

Every home build with Mike Becknal Company is a luxury custom home. We provide you with design, fixtures, and amenities that are hard to find anywhere else.

Feel free to contact us or visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more.